Amber's signature works include sensual, fanciful depictions of herself, women, and animals. Although she uses many bright colors, there is always a sense of something lurking, something lying beneath the surface. Within the narratives a tension between opposing forces can be seen. She believes that imagination and reality are of equal importance and enjoys the way the two interrelate and shape each other. Her art offers the viewer an organic, surrealistic, softly refined and deeply enchanting experience.

Amber began painting and illustrating in early childhood. She was raised partly in New York City and partly in Connecticut. Growing up in the New York of the 1980s she admired the street and graffiti art, as well as the fine art displayed at museums. While in Connecticut she absorbed a deep appreciation and life-long respect of nature.

Her mother Britt — a Norwegian painter of impressionistic landscapes — arrived in New York City in the late '60s where she fell in love with Amber's father, the world-renowned erotic illustrator and artist known as Eric Stanton. The influence of both her parents' work can be seen in Amber's work today in the textures of nature and surreal sensuality of her dreamscapes.

In her teen years Amber took figure drawing classes at the Art Students League in NYC. During this time she also began learning more about comic book illustration from her father. He showed her how to draw figures wrestling and interacting with one another. Facial expressions and hand gestures were also a focus that was encouraged by Eric. Her interest in figurative art lead her to study at the Lyme Academy in Connecticut where she practiced the painting techniques associated with the early European Renaissance. After two years there she transferred to the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan where she earned her BFA in painting.

As she moved deeper into what became a large body of self portrait work she began to notice patterns. She found that symbolism was naturally emerging in her work and revealing truths about her life; past, present, and future. Many of her works are symbolic of her own subconscious readings of her hologram. She sees her images as clues to a bigger picture, another piece to the puzzle. Her goal is to create unique images that communicate an inner truth that connects with universal truths.  

She works with oils, acrylics, color pencils, and watercolors. The paint on her wood boards and canvases can be finely detailed, thick and textural, or smooth and polished, and in other areas can be thin, scuffed, and even scraped. The pencil and ink strokes on her paper or wood drawings can be energetic and rhythmic as well as delicate and flowing. 

Amber’s art is included in private collections in New York, San Francisco, London, Australia, Norway, and at Yale University in New Haven, CT. She lives in a little beach house in Florida where she paints in her home studio. 

Selected Collections

The Alex Mackay Collection, Australia

Shows and Exhibitions

Cate Charles Gallery, Providence, RI

   Group show curated by Kim Charles


J. Horton, Madison, CT

   Solo shows "Walk in the Woods" and "Astral Perception"


The Tse Tse Gallery, New London, CT

   Group show curated by Maureen Kennedy


2036 Polk, San Francisco, CA

   Group show curated by Terisa Nittolo


Signet, New York City 

   Group show curated by Michael Ricardo Andreev


191 Chrystie, New York City

   Group show curated by Jonathan Shore



“Healing Through Energy” by White Light Healing Arts, LLC

   Commission - illustrated an education e-book about ancient healing arts 


Amber was interviewed about her art by Jennifer Graham

   Featured on “Jenny by Design” blog April 


"A Tangled Web" by Amber Stanton

   An essay about Amber's father's contributions to the creation of Spider-Man

   Published in "The Art of Ditko" by Craig Yoe  



The School of Visual Arts, BFA Painting

   New York City


The Lyme College of Fine Arts

   Old Lyme, CT


Wesleyan University 

   Middletown, CT